New Year is fast approaching. Shall we look at 15 Strange New Year Superstitions? Are you surprised to hear about New Year Superstitions? I’ve compiled a list of Unsual New Year Superstitions for you here…

In a couple of days, all of us are gearing ourselves to welcome a bright, colorful, happy, and a prosperous New Year. Let us hope this New Year is nicer than the earlier one. Okay…let us come to the topic. Superstitions are prevalent in almost every country in the world; how about knowing some of these New Year superstitions?
1. Don’t cry: It is believed that if you cry on the first day of the New Year, you will be crying all through the year. If you work on the first day, does that mean you will have work all through the year regardless of the recession? Oh no…I don’t know.
2. Black-eyed peas and greens bring prosperity: Do you remember eating black-eyed peas and greens when you were small? I think many people still follow this custom; do you know why? These items bring prosperity and good luck. Black-eyed peas symbolize good luck and greens symbolize prosperity.

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3. Don’t have an empty cupboard or wallet: If you don’t want to starve the whole year, better fill your cupboard with food items. Similarly, ensure your wallet is not empty. If your cupboards and wallet is full on the New Year’s Day, you’ll not starve the whole year and you will have a good cash inflow throughout the year.
4. Kiss your loved ones at midnight: If the love you have for your loved ones has to continue the entire year, don’t forget to kiss them at midnight. Beware, if you don’t kiss them, you will definitely have a cold war the entire year.
5. January 1st babies: Babies born on the first day of the year are considered lucky. 6. Wait for the 2nd January to wash clothes and dishes: If you wash your dishes or clothes on January 1st, there is a great probability that someone very close to the family may die. I know few who don’t even take bath. Stinking…
7. Create as much noise as possible: Try shouting at the top of your voice as noises are supposed to scare the devils. What happens when devils get scared? They don’t enter your house and hence you will have good luck for the entire year.
8. Wait for a person to come to your home: Many people believe that one should not step out of their home before someone enters the house on the 1st day of the year. This first person who enters your home should meet some criteria; do you know what they are? 
  1. No flat feet
  2. No cross-eyes
  3. Eyebrows should not stretch in a way they meet in the middle
9. No foul language, please: You are supposed to be courteous to everyone you meet and should not use foul language. I would be happy if this is done all through the year and not just the 1st; what do you say?
10. Avoid breaking things: Are you Butterfinger? If yes, you must be extra cautious. Let me tell you why. If you break things, it is believed that this will bring ill luck to you especially breaking a mirror is supposed to double the ill effect.
11. Don’t close the doors: Keep all the doors and windows open at the stroke of midnight. People believe that keeping the door and windows open will make the old year leave your home thus making way for the New Year to enter your home.
12. Dress in new clothes: Do you have the habit of wearing new clothes for New Year? If not, start the habit right away as dressing up in new clothes on New Year is believed to get you more clothes. Many people believe red symbolizes happiness and therefore, wear red colored clothes. 13. Keep all your belongings with you: Many people have a belief that you should lend money or other precious items on New Year. If you wish to give gifts to your friends and relatives, better give them a day ahead of New Year and wish them “Advanced New Year wishes.” If for any reason you were not able to deliver all the presents that you have bought the earlier day, wait for someone to enter your home with a present or a gift. You can then give your gifts. I know few of my friends who don’t even throw trash out.
14. Dance in open air: Do you love dancing? If yes, don’t forget to dance in open air this New Year. It is believed that dancing in open air on New Year will bring prosperity.
15. The direction of the wind: Last but not the least is the direction of the wind. I know you really can’t do anything on the way the wind blows. What does each direction signify?
  1. From East – Natural calamities
  2. From West – Wealth, lots of milk, and a death of a person with national significance.
  3. From North – Bad weather
  4. From South – Prosperity.
Oh no…there is no wind. Don’t worry as you are the luckiest this New Year. If there are no winds, you will get health, wealth and joy throughout the year.
Okay…if you have anything more to add to this list, please let me know.

I wish everyone of you “A Very Happy and A Prosperous New Year 2011.”


  1. Wish you a happy new Year 2011 to all.

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