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Anna Hazare led us to victory last week, but it was just the first step. In 3 days the Jan Lokpal committee will launch -- and to overcome vested interests intent on stalling or burying the bill, we all need to show that we remain engaged and determined. Send a message now directly to all the committee members calling for a powerful anti-corruption law:
Last week Anna Hazare led a tremendous people-powered victory to purge India of corruption. But that was just the first step -- only our sustained public pressure can drive through the Jan Lokpal Bill and clean up our politics!

In 3 days, the drafting committee will meet, and the country is ablaze with hope -- but there are deep vested interests that will try to bury or stall the bill. If all of us across the country support the civil society representatives and remain determined and engaged, this extraordinary momentum for change will be unstoppable.

This is true democracy in action. Let's flood the Jan Lokpal Committee members' inboxes with public messages to show that the eyes of the country are on them, and that Indians are eager for rapid and ambitious action to get this crucial law passed. Click below to send a message directly to the committee members, and send this on to everyone:

Last week, Anna Hazare and India's people won a monumental victory: the Government agreed to a drafting committee led by and 50% composed of civil society leaders -- including Anna Hazare. Their presence will keep our concerns at the forefront of drafting, and push back attempts to kill or water down the bill behind closed doors. They have also promised to table the bill by the next session of Parliament.

In 3 days, the Jan Lokpal Committee will meet for the first time in New Delhi to begin discussions about the scope and powers of the bill. Across India, people want the Jan Lokpal bill to create a new independent body empowered to investigate abuse and punish corruption, including at the highest levels of government. Anna Hazare and the other four civil society committee members will push for rapid action, but dirty politicians will try every trick in the book to kill the bill -- as they have done 8 times over the past 42 years.

We can't let that happen, and we won't -- people power and momentum are on our side. With Anna leading us, we started a movement of change -- now lakhs of people from village to village and town to town have joined, determined to reclaim our democracy. If we inundate the committee members with public messages before they start discussions, they will know that our movement is watching, and that our eyes won't blink until the Jan Lokpal Bill becomes law. Click here to send a message to the Committee members now:

The Satyagrah movement changed the course of our destiny forever. Together, standing on their shoulders, we can liberate India once more -- this time from the tyranny of corruption. If our movement stands firm, and we keep raising our voices, we will open up politics, take back our democracy and put hope back in government to serve the people of India.

With hope and determination,

Ricken, Saloni, Shibayan and the whole Avaaz team.


Jan Lokpal committee's first meeting on April 16:">

Prime Minister Singh to table Lokpal bill in monsoon session:

We have the momentum, to win we need to sustain it:

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